Alliance4Science call for vote: faculty council election coming up

Dear scientists,

during the next days you will get postal voting papers for the faculty council election 2017 (Fakultätsratswahl 2017). The group “Bündnis Wissenschaft/Alliance4Science” will again – as in 2015 – run with a proposal of candidates for the election of this self-administration council.

Information about the election

The voting papers will be sent to your home address between 12th and 16th of June 2017. The filled voting papers have to been sent to the following address before 7th of July 2017, 2 o`clock p.m.: Wahlamt der Universität Hamburg, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg.
The results will be announced supposedly on 12th of July. We will notify you soon after the announcement.

Why should I vote – or – what´s my part in this?

The faculty council is the elected committee which – as part of the academic self-administration – takes faculty decisions. The faculty council is responsible for the faculty statute, takes part in appointments to professorships and votes about the budget of the dean´s office. Other important topics for each UKE scientist are performance-based funding (LOM) and scoring of publications (UKE-scores). Moreover, the faculty council decides about the establishment, changing and termination of self-administration units in teaching and research; thus the faculty council is able to establish and terminate institutes and clinics of the UKE.

The representation of scientific employees in the faculty council is of significant importance – not so much because of the actual influence (majority of professorships required by law) but because the council takes structural decisions, which may be of importance for every scientist at the UKE.

The statute of the faculty of medicine:ät/fakultätsservice/satzung-fkr.pdf

The „Bündnis Wissenschaft/Alliance4Science-list of candidates you’ll find on the voting sheet:

Klaus Tödter Sandra Pohl Gerhard Schön Kerstin Röser
Marcus Nalaskowski Annette Raabe Thomas Zimmermann Barbara Finckh